Learning & Development

Our consulting services help to ensure that you are optimizing    your life on a personal and professional level.


Program Development
& Management

Our customized, client-centered programming initiatives are concentrated on a four-prong approach: Needs Assessment, Program Development, Program Execution & Management, and Program Evaluation.


Our Process, Your Growth

Client’s targeted development outcomes are supported using a proprietary learning pathway that infuses principles of brain-based coaching, applied neuroscience, and mind mapping.

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What clients are saying

Coach Charlee is wonderful! My experience with her and her coaching services have been nothing short of amazing. I am a client for life!
Dr. Ashley Gregory
Working with Charleta, I have learned to stay the course in my life! I’ve put in the hard work and ain’t no stopping me now, I’m on the move and groove! I appreciate her and thank her for her service.
Brenda A.
Charleta’s Vision Casting class offered excellent tips and information! It helped with planning and organizing my everyday life to achieve my goals. I will definitely use the techniques for years to come!
E. Jack
Charleta’s class was impactful! Her approach was practical, informative, and extremely engaging. She asked thought-provoking questions and really engaged the audience. I look forward to attending more sessions!
Treva M.