About Us

Design Your ThoughtsTM (DYT) is a military spouse owned boutique learning & development coaching & consulting firm. 

About DYT

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Principal, Design Your Thoughts

Charleta DM Harvey, MAML

As the Principal of Design Your Thoughts, our Founder, Charleta Harvey, MAML, has been professionally coaching, consulting and developing business & academic programming since 2004.

Her experience comes from working in a variety of roles including Corporate Advisor to the United Services Automobile Association (USAA), Resident Goal Coach for the H.E.R. Shelter of Portsmouth, VA, and most recently as a Committee Member for the Envision Lead Grow®  Seeds of Promise College Prep Committee, in addition to her role as Administrator for the Hodge Institute for Entrepreneurship at Norfolk State University.

Plan for anticipated major life changes and learn to mindfully pivot when the unexpected happens.
Julie Arnaud

We're here for you

We deploy our expertise to assist you in optimizing your personal & professional growth through the acquisition & execution of advanced skillsets across a dedicated area of focus strategically designed to meet your specific needs as the Client.

Our Mission

To improve our client’s personal & professional capacity to conceptualize and successfully execute the goals that align with the fulfillment of their life’s purpose.

Our Vision

Design Your ThoughtsTM strives to be top of mind for our clients when delivering high impact learning & development training and coaching solutions.

Our Values

Education, Empowerment, Execution