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Design Your Thoughts TM Vision Casting Workshop makes immediate impact on session participant.

“It takes us all to lift us all” is the life mantra of Charleta DM Harvey, MAML, principal of Design Your Thoughts TM learning & development coaching. Recently, she facilitated the 1st of two 90-minute group coaching sessions on Vision Casting in partnership with the Mount Global Fellowship of Churches. One participant, Angela Hill, came eager to learn and make the critical shifts necessary to power her goals.

After the session, Ms. Hill shared with Charleta that she left the experience feeling, among other things “confident and empowered to develop clear and concise plans of action [for her life] that she can commit to.” One of the things that resonated with her, was Charleta’s suggestion to get a notebook that would be used exclusively for goal planning and the associated action steps required to make the goals a reality.

Ms. Hill was so empowered in fact, that rather than going out to purchase a notebook, she sat at her computer after the Vision Casting session and created her own! Then, self-published it via Amazon…the very next day!! Upon hearing this, Charleta was “blown away and extraordinarily impressed” by the evidence of the immediate impact her coaching had on Angela.

The notebook, entitled “Creating Habits that Ensure My Success” is blank inside for all your notes, and the cover itself is beautiful. We are so proud of Angela, we decided to share how you can purchase a copy of your own. Head on over to Amazon and grab yours here!

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