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Design Your Thoughts TM to Facilitate Vision Casting Sessions in Partnership with The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches

Design Your Thoughts TM has partnered with The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches (MGFOC)  as a featured presenter, to facilitate a two-part workshop on Vision Casting during their weekly Kingdom Life & Learning Group (KLLG) night. Sessions will take place February 9th & 16th at 7pm. Space is limited. To register, visit Eventbrite.

The Mount Global Fellowship of Churches is a faith-based organization comprised of nine locations throughout Hampton Roads Virginia, and online for those outside of the area. Affectionately known as “The Mount” and helmed by the incomparable leadership of Bishop Kim W. Brown and Elder Valerie K. Brown, the organization has tangibly impacted the lives of tens of thousands of people worldwide and locally, through its ministry outreach, weekly faith-based services, and its commitment to Care, Connect, and Cover those they serve because they believe that “church is supposed to change lives!”

Charleta Harvey, as the principal of Design Your Thoughts TM, is both honored & thrilled to bring her coaching acumen and programming to the esteemed Mount community in this way.

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